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European Cities Need to Adapt to a Changing Climate Reality – Here’s How

Record temperatures are becoming the new normal as a changing climate reality begins to make its presence felt worldwide. This is a major problem for those urban areas and cities unprepared for such conditions. As Europe begins to wake up to a ‘new normal’ regarding climate, how can the urban fabric of it’s cities adapt and retrofit for a much warmer future?

Urban Complexity – How Complexity Science Helps Explain and Predict City Dynamics

The science of complexity and the way in which individual elements, processes and interactions come together, play perhaps the most crucial role in explaining not only how cities function, but also how they evolve and grow organically over time.

In understanding the way in which these complex systems form and play out in the urban environment, it’s possible to gain insight into the advanced dynamics that operate within the city space.

Full Circle – Is the Circular City the Answer to a Sustainable Urban Future?

Circular cities follow the same principles of the circular economy and look to use nature as a template for guiding urban development towards systems and processes which are sustainable. With several cities already adopting a circular approach to urban planning and design, does this strategy hold the key to helping us address some of the most pressing issues facing the built environment?