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Road to Ruin – American Infrastructure Needs Attention, So Why Isn’t It Getting Any?

As economic and environmental clouds begin to form on the global horizon, the risks of an under-investment in physical infrastructure need to be taken more seriously than ever and the failure to do so now, could have significant consequences further down the line. With road, rail and other public works increasingly feeling the strain of chronic funding shortages across the board, this is exactly the situation the US may find itself in over the coming years.

Urban Complexity – How Complexity Science Helps Explain and Predict City Dynamics

The science of complexity and the way in which individual elements, processes and interactions come together, play perhaps the most crucial role in explaining not only how cities function, but also how they evolve and grow organically over time.

In understanding the way in which these complex systems form and play out in the urban environment, it’s possible to gain insight into the advanced dynamics that operate within the city space.